In 1993, Anna Detterbeck-Kamp and Ronald Fabian founded TECHCOM® Consulting in of Rosenheim. The topics for consulting and training focus on the requirements of the telecommunication sphere and users of telecommunication and infrastructure systems.

In 1996, TECHCOM® Consulting together with the state of Bavaria won a public EU-tendering (Tacis Program) on the build-up of a Telecommunications Academy in Novosibirsk.

1997-98 this project was extended in a second phase for the city of Samara in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

In 1997, Rhenus Limited, after receiving consulting from TECHCOM® Consulting, was awarded the Kienbaum innovation prize of the city of Berlin for a technical concept on vehicle localisation by Differential GPS.  The idea was successfully employed at the Potsdamerplatz construction site in Berlin.

In 2001, the TECHCOM® Consulting - Training Centre in Munich was opened. TECHCOM® Consulting is now able to cope with the demand on high quality training in the area of telecommunication and IT in five seminar rooms totalling 1,000 square metres

In 2004, TECHCOM® Consulting and Tektronix began their cooperation in offering trainings

In 2008, cooperation with companies in Columbia, South Africa, Russia, Bulgaria, China for Training a mobile network optimization projects.

In 2009, TECHCOM® Consulting and smartTECH® cooperate in network optimization

In 2009, TECHCOM®  Consulting and Agilent cooperate in network optimization project

In 2010, development of multivendor training concepts

2011-2012 partnerships in India. Cooperation with international network operators in the field of network optimization and software development